Welcome to GuardMail.com!

Do you value the safety and anonymity of your email correspondence?
If so then GuardMail.com is the right email choice for you.
GuardMail.com is a new email provider which ensures the safety
and anonymity of our clients while offering easy use and protecting
users from receiving unwanted spam or viruses in their emails.

There are 3 basic reasons why users should use GuardMail.com
as their secure email provider:
  • The most up to date
    PGP technology,
    server speed, and
    virus protection:

    PGP encrypting allows the user to encode the messages they send. When writing an email, you will be using a unique “customer key” provided to you after the registration to our service. GuardMail.com gives you the advantage that your text is undergoing the encryption process in your local computer before it is sent by our server to the recipient’s email. This guarantees 100% anonymity of your correspondence.

    Our powerful server built of the high end processors Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processor Series 54хх will maintain the immediate processing of your email. We created the disk space of sufficient capacity to provide the safe storage of the data as well as the RAID arrays with duplicating of the main elements.

    The high-speed internet connection used by the server at GuardMail.com and duplicating channels will allow instantaneous delivering of your email to the recipient.

    Hi-tech firewalls based on clusterization of the guard servers and high qualification of our experts will ensure that 99.9% of all DOS and DDOS attacks will be recognized before they enter our server and will never be allowed to enter your inbox.

  • Geographical

    The anonymity and safety of GuardMail.com resides in the fact that your personal data and content of your emails will be available only to you and your recipients. Our mail server is located in the neutral, non cooperative, East-European country Transnistria where no authorities have access to the databases of the mail servers which means that no third party will ever gain knowledge of your email correspondence or the origin of its location.

  • Technical

    GuardMail.com provides reliable customer care around the clock. Should you encounter any problems or have any questions connected with usage of our mail server, then you have our customer support center at your disposal.

    The Specialists at GuardMail.com never stop looking for new ways to achieve a higher level of safety and making sure that we stay on top of the latest developments in PGP service and anonymity. We regularly analyze the degree of threats our customers can encounter and make changes to the security system of our mail server.

    The mail service GuardMail.com was created for your safety and peace of mind.